A Letter from Chris & Anne

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We love being parents and are thrilled to add your child’s laughter to our happy home. We are an active family from California who enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and surfing with our adopt our daughter, Parker!  We want you to know that your child will be raised in a home filled with love, understanding, and patience all while being supported by ourselves and our close network of family and friends.

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Our Story

We met in 2004 and got engaged after dating for a year. We’ve been married for fourteen years now and are still as happy together as we were on the day of our wedding!

From the beginning, we knew we wanted children but learned that it would be very difficult for us to have them on our own. Our hearts were open to adoption, but at the time, we were living overseas and traveling all over the world for work. Once we got settled in California, we opened our hearts to adoption once again and were blessed to adopt our daughter in 2019.  We love being parents and we look forward to sharing our lives with your baby and making them a cherished and loved member of our family! We love to travel, go to concerts, camp, and enjoy playing and watching sports, especially baseball and football!

About Anne, by Chris

Anne is selfless, loving, and my best friend. Anne’s sense of humor was the first thing I noticed about her. She is fun-loving and likes to hike, play sports, and watch movies. Her encouragement helps me every day and she is a loving, patient, and wonderful mom to our daughter.

Anne is a hard worker and an excellent cook. She is a great listener and has never met a stranger she couldn’t talk to. She taught herself to make custom furniture and recently made a custom table for her sister’s birthday – she can do anything! She is wonderful with children, and I know she is excited to teach your child all about the joy of reading and cooking.

About Chris, by Anne

Chris is the most loving and caring person I know. He always makes me feel special and I know he’ll do the same for your children in our home.  Chris is quick to laugh, loves being silly, and has a heart for children.

Chris loves flying and started his private pilot’s license when he was just eleven years old! Now he is lucky to be able to live his dream and do what he loves in the National Guard. The only thing Chris loves more than flying is family. Nothing makes him happier than coming home and spending time with our daughter playing games. He also enjoys playing football or Legos with his nieces and nephews. He is excited to teach your child all about flying and to support them in their own passion!

Our Home in California

We are happy to call California home! We love the area and the people are very friendly. Our neighbors are families with children of all ages, and we are friends with them all! It’s incredible to live within a few hours of the ocean, national parks, and of course Disneyland. We try to visit as much of California as we can during weekends.

We live in a great home with a fenced-in yard and plenty of room to play. We’ve even got a fenced-in pool, which we love to swim in. Our neighborhood is close to parks and there are biking and hiking trails all over town.

We love animals and have two indoor cats named Dominic and Archangel who love to chase each other all over the house!

Our Daughter and Family

Our daughter, Parker, was adopted in 2019 and she’s been such a blessing to us. She is a happy and inquisitive little girl and we know she will be a wonderful big sister and share all she’s learned to a little brother or sister!

We’re so excited to introduce your child to our families because we’re all so close. Anne has one sister and Chris has one sister and one brother. Chris’ parents have been married for 45 years and Anne’s for 52! We’re blessed to have six nieces and nephews between the ages of three to thirteen and love to have big family gatherings during the holidays and anytime during the year. Our families even go on vacation together! They are all so supportive of our adoption plans and are excited to meet your baby and include them in our family traditions.

Our Faith

We were both raised in Catholic homes and continue to attend church every Sunday and pray together as a family every day. We have a solid and loving relationship with God and strive to honor our faith in all we do.

Our Promise

We’re thankful for you and promise that your child will be surrounded by love and support. We will ensure that he or she has the opportunity to achieve all of their goals through encouragement and the love of our close network of family and friends. We promise to love your child and make them a part of a safe, stable home. We are happy to share photos and visits as your baby grows and are excited to include your child in our family!

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Learn More About Chris & Anne

  Chris Anne
Our EducationMasters of Arts in International RelationsMasters of Arts in Military History
Our ProfessionsCalifornia Air National GuardWorks for Air Force Reserves
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Anne's Favorites
FoodLasagnaThai or Korean (Loved living in Asia!)
HobbyReading and HikingReading and Hiking
SportBaseball, FootballSwimming (for doing), Gymnastics (for watching!)
BookStarship Troopers by Robert HeinleinThe Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
MovieStar WarsNow You See Me
MusicRockPop or Country
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Both of us love to read and learn. We try to make this a family activity by choosing books we'll both love so that we can discuss them afterward and teach each other what we have learned from them.
Both of us enjoy outdoor activities as well like camping and hiking and try to go as often as possible. In addition, our time growing up and living in Alaska has given us a great appreciation for skiing. This year, we plan to go on a ski trip with friends to Colorado. We also enjoy traveling to see the sights and visit friends.
Finally, Chris is still active in the civilian flying community and has been getting Anne involved too. While she still doesn't have her own private pilot's license, she has completed ground school so that she can eventually learn to pilot a plane as well!

Our Musical Interest

Anne grew up in a musical family with a grandfather who was a high-school band teacher. She learned to play both clarinet and saxophone and still enjoys both. In fact, just this Christmas she helped our nephew learn more about playing clarinet, an instrument he just started on this year. She would love to eventually play clarinet for a community theater or band to keep her skills sharp and enjoy music with others. Chris played trumpet in his high-school band and loves going to concerts.

About Our Home in California

We live in a beautiful two-story four-bedroom home in a quiet community. We have a pool in the backyard which we love to use all summer long. Last Thanksgiving we even heated the pool so our family and friends' kids could use it all day while we prepared Thanksgiving dinner! We love sitting by our fireplace in the winter and watching a good movie or reading a good book.

Our Children

We have one beautiful adopted daughter named Parker. We adopted Parker on the day she was born and she's been such a blessing to us. She is such a happy and inquisitive girl and she's so excited to show off all she's learned to a little brother or sister!

We live in the state of...

California, and we love it! After moving around every two to three years in the Air Force, we've now settled in Central California and could not be happier. We've been so blessed to live in a community filled with kind, outgoing people who are happy to help at a moment's notice.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a quiet neighborhood within close walking distance to schools and parks. The largest sports stadium in town is less than two miles away and there are multiple playgrounds around town for kids to enjoy. A network of trails connects the parks which we love. Our neighbors are all very friendly with children of all ages living in the area.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old.


We would be happy to adopt twins!


We would be so blessed to adopt a child of any gender into our family!

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Hispanic, Asian, East Indian, Native American, Hispanic/African American, Hispanic/Caucasian, Hispanic/Other, Asian/Caucasian, African American/Caucasian, Native American/Caucasian
Future Contact with Birth Family

We would be happy to share pictures and letters. We are also happy to have occasional visits should you desire.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your baby. We are excited to provide for your child and to help them grow up happy and healthy with the ability to realize their dreams and goals with love and support.

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