Waiting Families

Jacob & Briana

We're from Hawaii, We're open to visits!

We have been filled with God's love and grace in our lives, and are excited to show the same love and grace to your child! We look forward to becoming a family of 5 and to enjoying family adventures, trips to the beach and bedtime stories together. We are open to a child of any race and look forward to keeping contact with you through pictures, letter, and visits.

Jessie & Hannah

We're from Minnesota, We're open to visits!

Hello from Minnesota! We are an adventurous and active family excited to share our love and passion for traveling, horses and weekend trips to the cabin with your child. We are so excited to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and we look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits with you.

Matt & Shawnie

We're from California, We're open to visits!

Family band seeking the fourth member for a lifelong jam session. We are an active, Christian family living in California, with a passion for music, engineering, and family. We have a 4-year-old adopted son and are excited to welcome a new member into the band! We are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits!

Travis & Jessica

We're from Iowa, We're open to visits!

We are a loving family of three who are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption! We are open to a boy or girl or any race. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and open our arms to your child!

Cole & Shelby

We're from Tennessee, We're open to visits!

We are honored to tell you about us! We are a family focused, Christian family that loves being together! Shelby is a stay at home mom and former kindergarten teacher. Cole is a fun-loving physical therapist that loves to tell a good "dad joke." We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits.

Cody & Ashley

We're from Colorado, We're open to visits!

We are an adventurous, young couple who is looking forward to becoming first-time parents through adoption. Our life together has proven to be full of fun, love, and laughter. We both love to live life outdoors and promise that your child's life will be full of family vacations, bedtime stories, and delicious home-cooked meals.

Myron & April

We're from Indiana, We're open to visits!

Hello, we’re from Indiana! We are so excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We are excited to share our love for bicycle rides through the park, backyard barbecues with family and teaching our child to swim at the pool. We are looking forward to sharing photos, letters, and visits with you.

Jonathan & Amaka

We're from New Jersey, We're open to visits!

Hello! We are a family-oriented, travel-motivated, fun-loving Christian family that is excited to expand our family a second time through the gift of an open adoption. We are excited to share to letters, pictures, emails, phone calls, and have visits.

John & Volha

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. We live in a wonderful suburb, just outside Chicago, and are excited to become first-time parents through the joy of adoption. Your child will have a life filled with love, support, and great opportunities around the world!

Matt & AnnMarie

We're from Arizona, We're open to visits!

Our home is full of activity, fun, and laughter. We look forward to adding to our family, cherishing everyday life and create lifetime memories. Thank you for considering us.